Little Rock Skyline Scroll Saw Piece

Did this scroll saw piece based on this design by my friend Chris. Woods used were maple, walnut and redheart.

Chris sent me a vector file for the design so I was able to cut it into two separate layers pretty easily. I had to do each layer in two separate chunks because it was way to wide to work with my scroll saw otherwise. For these scrolling projects I usually put painter's tape over the whole surface and then stick the template print-outs on with spray adhesive.

I'm still not amazing with the scroll saw, but I'm pretty happy with how these detail cuts turned out. I did have a couple of the really thin lines break on me during the process, but I was able to glue it back together pretty seamlessly at the end.

I waffled back and forth between doing a redheart or purpleheart background. Went with the red in the end.

I mounted the redheart background pieces on some 1/4" plywood and then cut some frame pieces out of 1/8" maple.

The glue-up process was a little tricky and I was afraid of the pieces moving around on me but I was able to keep everything pretty straight.

Gotta brand it.

Final product.