Oak Gift Boxes

Started with some 1/2" x 6" boards for the sides. The tops are 1/4" plywood. Making two of these so I cut all the sides at once. Having the table saw up and running now makes this stuff so much faster.

Used a 45° angle block on the cross-cut sled to cut these miters for the sides.

Used a 1/4" straight router bit to cut the slots for the top and bottom. I had all the pieces lettered/numbered to try to keep the grain matching up nicely after assembly.

Glued up the boxes and lids using this band clamp. Had to do one at a time since I only have one of these clamps, but it makes doing this type of thing a lot easier.

Once the glue dried, I installed some basic surface-mounted hinges. I knew the people who I'm giving these to might want to stain or paint these themselves, so I didn't do any finishing on these.