Walnut, Maple & Purpleheart Cutting Boards

Built a few of these cutting boards for Christmas gifts this year.

Started out with some nice walnut/maple/purpleheart boards. Each was about 1 11/16" thick so I could do these without a ton of sanding or planing.

I first cross cut the boards to roughly the width I was wanting for the final product (16-17").

Then I ripped the pieces into strips of the widths I needed for my design and layed them out to make sure everything looked good.

I glued up the boards with parallel bar clamps. The glue-ups didn't end up being as flat as I would've liked, but I was able to sand them down as needed without losing too much thickness.

Cut off the excess on the sides to square everything up and then sanded them down most of the way.

I routed out a chamfer along the top edges. This was the most terrifying part of the whole project. One slip-up could've been a disaster.

I chopped up some walnut dowels to use for feet. It was pretty hard to get these level, so I might use something more flexible like rubber next time.

I wiped on a couple coats of salad bowl finish with some light sanding with 400 grid in between and then finished up with 1000-grit.

All finished up. Pretty happy with how these turned out.