Mini Basketball Hoop

Decided to build this one for the /r/woodworking contest. The theme for the contest was "toys", so I figured this would count.

I started out with one of those edge-glued panels from Home Depot since I don't really have the stuff to do my own glue-ups at this point. Cut it to about 18" x 13". I made a template out of 1x2s to help me route out the slots for the inlay.

Used this little jig to cut the walnut strips for the lines on the backboard. Initially, I was going to use veneer but the stuff i ordered ended up being way to thin.

Got the strips cut and ready to go, right around 1/8" thick. I had to sand down the edges a little bit to get them to fit, but it wasn't too bad.

Set up this bending template to do the rim and steamed the dowels to make them soft enough to bend. I am still shocked that this actually worked. Planning on doing another post about building the steam bending box and that whole process.

I routed out the square for the lines with a 3/4" straight bit. I had to use a chisel to straightout out the rounded corners and clean up the edges a little bit as needed. Took some additional sanding and shaping, but I was able to get the walnut strips in there with a pretty tight fit. Having never done any sort of inlays before, I'm fairly happy with how it turned out.

I cut out some notches in the bend dowell so I could loop it around and secure it. A lot of trial and error here, but this joint is going to be hidden inside the rim mount, so I'm not too worried about it.

Here's the completed backboard before finishing. I also routed a little chamfer around the edges to make it more interesting.

This is the inner workings of the mount I used to get the dowel attached to the backboard. I ended up adding two more little pieces on the sides to close it more, but I forgot to take another photo before I glued it all up.

Gluing up the rim inside it's bracket thingy.

Mounted the rim with two countersunk screws in the back. No glue here because I may want to swap out the rim at some point in the future if the wood one doesn't hold up.

All finished up. Haven't decided how/where I want to mount it yet, so I put a little block under the bracket to hold it up for these photos.

Close-up of the inlay/finish. Not perfect, but I'll take it.

Got that jumper.